What is Atropia?


What is Atropia?

The Great and Liberated People's Free Republic of Atropia and Associated States of Greatness (shortened for your reading pleasure) is the greatest nation on Earth! Don't believe us? Well just ask our friends at the US Army who have been assisting our liberation and SAPA forces for decades.

Okay, but for real though...

Okay, okay, okay... don't be a Blue Falcon and rat us out to the United Nations just yet.  For those of you that are uninitiated, Atropia started as a fake "training" nation along with several others such as Gorgas and Donovia.  When US Soldiers go to play war games or do training of any sort they generally are either fighting with, for, or against the Atropians.  Especially when new, soldiers are said to have "deployed" to Atropia since they haven't had the opportunity to deploy to a real country.  I mean, if all those little shits on Instagram can fake travel, why can't we fake a deployment right?  So... it's a joke people. 

Isn't this offensive to real soldiers?

No.  This is a thing experienced by real soldiers.  Not only that, but the Atropia Brand is owned and operated by real soldiers and other service members.  Atropia is designed to create a sense of comradery over the absolutely dumb bullshit that is government training.  Almost every young soldier has a story about their time in Atropia and we'd love to hear yours here!