Veteran Non-Profit Fundraising

Want to earn money for your non-profit?  Want discounts on Atropia merch? Then work with us to spread the word!!!

The Atropian people are a giving type and as such we've created a simple yet profitable program for any military oriented non-profit or organization.  It's pretty simple, we give you a discount code and you share it with your followers, email news letter, on social media, etc.  Your supporters get a discount and your organization gets a portion as well.  We also will share info about your organization at the same time to help create even more awareness about it!

There's never any cost to you and there's nothing to buy or subscriptions, etc.  There's really nothing to loose and hopefully we can work together to raise awareness for military and veteran support organizations!

We have three basic rules:

1. Your organization must be military or veteran oriented.  This could be many things like a military unit MWR fund, veteran non-profit, school, or even your JROTC program!

2. No hate or bigotry organizations allowed.  Everyone is equal in our eyes (except maybe the Donovians) and we don't accept anything but equality from our partners.  This may mean that your local state militia with some "questionable" motives will be denied. Just be cool, okay?

3. We have the final say in who gets into the program and once you are in either of us can stop it at anytime for any reason.  All that you have to do is ask.

Want to start?  just write to with a short description of your organization plus links to your social media and we will talk shortly to get you going!

Semper Paratus!