Soldiers caught having sex on Deployment in Atropia...

Soldiers caught having sex on Deployment in Atropia...

What would you do?

Soldiers caught having sex on deployment in Atropia

A submission from SSG K:

"While I was in Atropia, I caught two SPCs having sex in a connex, when they were supposed to be on guard duty. As a SSG, it was my job to punish them to the fullest extend of UCMJ. They tried telling me that it was no big deal, but I knew better."

Surely this isn't a big deal right? I mean it's basically the same as the scene from the documentary "Starship Troopers" which chronicles the real life battle on Klendathu and the off the cuff romance of two infantrymen... or .... well people.  Anyways here's that scene:


So what happened to the soldiers and their Atropian love sexscapades?

"I think they got article 15s but I don't remember" recalled SSG K.  Spoken like a true modern NCO.  Not like back in the day when the salty old SFC would let you finish before getting back onto watch.

We then asked SSG K if they would have done anything different under other circumstances.

"I was completely unwilling to redo any section at any point and was determined to blue falcon my way to the top of ALMS. My real life reactions may have been different."


Blue Falcon indeed.


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